Thursday, July 19, 2012

Remembering her.....

There is NO pain like losing a child....
Not losing a parent,not losing a spouce,or a pet...yes ladies,I said pet! I had a person come up to me once and tel me she understood how I felt because she had to bury her pet!!!! Are you serious!!!!
Anyways back to what i was getting at.
This pain that I carry is only understood by other mothers that have had children that now reside in Heaven.
I think it is important for me to be around other moms that KNOW this pain,
Tonight some ladies that KNOW are getting together for dinner,to talk,and laugh,and cry if need be....And NOONE will think they are crazy for doing it.
I am looking foward to meeting them.
One of my Besties had the great idea of doing lanterns at the remember.
No that we coule EVER forget,but this is something just for them.
Yesterday I was talking to a friend about doing tings like this for our children,doing them together.
We talked about how Nevaeh is surely being BIG sister to Jenna and her Anabelle.
Nevaeh LOVED Jenna even though she never met her,she talked about her and sent her gifts to heaven ....I imagine her taking care of those babies nad loving them....
I miss her so very much....

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