Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dear Nevaeh,

Hello my sweet princess.I hope heaven is as beautiful to you as I imagine it to be. I hope your days are filled with happiness,love,and lots and lots of sparkle.
I miss you Nevaeh,I miss saying your name out loud,I miss you running to see me when I say your name.I miss your giggles,and your voice,and that sweet smell of yours.A mixture of cupcakes and wings entwined together....heavenly.
I miss you dancing,and singing,and fighting,and whispering.Well at least trying to whisper because you were not that great at whispering.

When I think of you,or see your pictures my heart aches and my stomach feels weak.I cant breathe for that moment and the tears start.Holding them back seems like such an effort,an effort that by brain cannot understand,so they flow...unstoppable. I heard some place that you cannot see me in heaven,I hope that is true. I cannot imagine you seeing me a weeping mess everyday,I hope you just know that I love you and will never ever forget you....
Til the day that heaven comes for me...

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