Monday, September 24, 2012

So Its been awhile...

Lots has happened sence last time I was here,Lots of good things and some confusion in the mix.
I find myself in a different place I was before,a little bit of healing has helped my soul....
Someone told me the other day,I know your mad at God and you have every right to be. I thought about it awhile and didn't know how to respond. I thought about it more when I got home and figured this out: I am no longer mad,or angry...I am not too sure what I am but i know its not either mad or angry. i cant say this will not change cause I just don't know but now all I want is a relationship with God. I want to absorb the beauty of his gifts and dwell on the FACT that Nevaeh is no longer hurting,she is no longer in pain and IS in Heaven. and I know this not because I choose to believe this but because she told me. God gave me that gift through her and I so want to embrace it.
I am LOVING my job and the relationships I have built there.I am grateful for this gift from God. I have been given open doors to share Nevaeh's story and gift of Hope. The other day I had the privilege to go to TCH and share her story in front of lots of doctors,nurses,child life and so on...
I was with my good friend Fran and we both shared the journeys we went through with our beautiful daughters. It was hard,emotional and bitter sweet but it was so worth sharing.
I find myself in a place I want to stay,not fixed but working with the broken pieces of myself...doing the best I can to show the world God's Gift and the strength of his promises.

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